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Mykonos is next Delos, the small ancient island of light. This island was in a very important position and central to Ancient Greek history. It is also the birthplace of Apollo, the god of light and Leto΄s son, in Greek mythology.

Delos offered its light to the rocky island of Mykonos. This ancient island which was admired for its ruins and priceless treasures, gave the opportunity to the barren, unknown island of Mykonos to become a jewel in its turn. Over the years it has developed into attracting its own fame, being known to offer hospitality to thousands of people every year, maintaining its traditional roots with the simplicity of its inhabitants.

The first visitors to Mykonos, had implanted in their memories the beauty of what this small island had to offer, with its white houses and beautiful sandy beaches, combined with the crystal clear blue sea. Each beach has its own individual character with some being romantic, to family beaches and others which are extremely popular with young people.

These visitors wanted to share what they had found on this small paradise with others. With their praise and enthusiasm for this island, it developed into what it is today. The sun shines now not only on Delos, but also on Mykonos which has become famous world-wide.

Whoever visits this white island loves its quaint town, with its picturesque alleyways and the magnificent sunset. The sun like a sparkling jewel, majestically lights up the houses with an orange glow. It sets straight into the blue sea, giving way to the moon. This in turn gives way to another side of the island, the night entertainment. The numerous bars and discos help those who are looking for fun without limits.

Mykonos is an island where you can stay for many days with friends or family, or you can stay alone, without being bored. But, if you don΄t have a lot of time, it΄s still worth it to visit at least one beach and understand why people love coming here, as well as seeing the windmills, Little Venice and to go for a walk in the town.

Mykonos is the island of wind, relaxation, love and goodwill. Nobody is ever disappointed. It is certain that Mykonian hospitality combined with the physical beauty of the island ensures the visitor an unforgettable holiday experience. 

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