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The owners of hotel Galini, Maria and her husband Artemis, together with their family, welcome you to their small family owned and operated at Mykonos town hotel  - the hotel Galini in MYKONOS TOWN .

Hotel Galini is a two storey building, built according to Cycladic architecture which requires simple white houses, easily adaptable to human needs in the town of Mykonos .

Galini Hotel is  located in the hart center of Mykonos town, only 200m. from the old port of Mykonos town . It is also just a minute on foot from all the bars, discos, restaurants, the amazing hot spot of Little Venice, the famous Paraportiani church  and the windmills of Mykonos but in a quiet area so you may relax after the day o nights in Mykonos town.


 Mykonos town  or at Greek : Chora is definitely one of the nicest  towns of the Greece , with small narrow  streets, many shops, and  the windmills of Mykonos , beautiful churches and whitewashed Myconian houses.

Mykonos town is a place to wonder around for days and nights  and every time you will find something unexpected.

Galini Hotel Mykonos Town Galini Hotel Mykonos Town

Because of the street layout it is also the perfect place to lose your way but you dont have to worry because you will always be able to find a Mykonian or a tourist to help you find your way back. Mykonos Island has two harbours or Ports. The old port of Mykonos where on the other side you can sit and relax have a drink or something to eat until you see your boat coming in the port and the people that walk by. The other port is at at Tourlos dock and  where the high speeds  ferries depart  which is a half an hour walk away from Mykonos town itself but if you like your are able to have a free transfers from and to our hotel Most ticket offices for the ferries are on the main boulevard.

Mykonos also has its own international airport ( jmk Mykonos AIRPORT ) so if you are coming to Mykonos even by plane and want to stay with us just tell us your arriving time and we will be there waiting you to offer you free transfers to Galini hotel at Mykonos town.


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